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 The Secret Never Told, Trouble for Shiloh
Shiloh Grainger
 Posted: Apr 29 2017, 06:39 PM

the secret never told

open name, 18-19, open face (male), open background~

So this is a request for a bit of trouble for my baby Shiloh (henceforth referred to as 'they', since they are currently in the process of coming to terms with being transgender). As stated in their application, found here, they were repeatedly sexually harrassed by a classmate back home in Arlington, VA, up until a little over a year ago, when they moved to the Lost Steer Ranch. There was never a full on rape, but there would have been a lot of groping and grabbing, probably even a forced kiss or two, and always with no one else around. Meaning, the assailant chose his timing, cornering Shiloh when and where he could that would leave no witnesses. To this day, no one knows about it, except Shiloh and their assailant (and whoever said assailant might have told, if anyone, like if he's boasted to friends about it or something, idk, I'm leaving that all up to the player).

What I'm thinking here is that this guy tracks Shiloh down, and comes after them again. His reasons I'm again leaving up to the player; it could be an obsession, a sense of possession, actual but severely misguided affection, or whatever else might make sense. Regardless, this guy shows up in Black Mountain and comes after Shiloh again, and violently so. Still no actual rape, but perhaps close to it. It wouldn't have been all too difficult for him to find Shiloh, seeing as how Shiloh has an Instagram account they've posted on quite a lot, tagging Black Mountain, and since they have several jobs in town, as well as goes to school there.

Other than the above, I'm trying to leave things as open as I can, since I like for any possible taker to have enough freedom to spin further plots for the character, which may or may not include Shiloh in some shape or form. All up to you.

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