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 Ranch Help Wanted Ad
 Posted: Jan 25 2017, 04:45 PM
360AdminKy or Kiyshipperapp

Ranch Help Needed!
Please read thoroughly!
In order to pick up a ranch staff character there are just a few requirements. One: you must be active and involved in the board and events. Two: you must be willing to pick up 'welcome' or 'arrival' threads for new characters and reply in a reasonably prompt manner. Remember, this might be a new members first impression of the board and our members! Three: You must be active on this character meaning at least one post every two weeks unless you have talked to a mod or admin about the reasons behind the lack of activity. You can find more information on these rules HERE.
-Ranch Hands

Ranch hands work with the animals and farm aspect of the ranch. They are not required to have any interaction with the residents, however, if there is a particular skill they feel could help the residents such as giving riding lessons, teaching how to keep up a herb garden, that sort of thing, they are more than welcome to include that in their job hours. This is a paid position and includes room and board. They report directly to the ranch foreman.

There are a lot of offices and places like the lodge that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This position is a paid position but does not include room and board. Even if you are a resident, and you want to make some extra money without having to work in town, here is a great job for you!
-grounds help

The ranch is big! Big with lots of landscaping and grass and trees that all need to be taken care of. Grounds maintenance is a paid position but does not include room and board. It is another position that residents are welcome to apply for; ideal for those who don't have transportation and who enjoy working outside.

We have plenty of younger people on the ranch that are still in school, or perhaps have quit and need to get GED’s or need to catch up so we are in need of a few teachers for those students. This is a paid position but does not include room and board.

Here you can use your imagination! If you think of something that you think would be a good fit at the ranch, just send a mod or an admin a pm or an IM and let us know what your idea is! If we think it will work than you can go ahead and write up the app and get started!
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