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 The Rules, Required reading
 Posted: Jan 7 2013, 02:39 PM

Alright guys, here's all the required stuff you gotta read before you register. We will let you know if the rules change at any time, but it's up to you to be familiar with them. Break a rule once and we'll warn you, keep on doing it and we will suspend your account. If you come back and break the rules again, your account will be deleted and your IP banned.

Please be aware that rules apply both in character (IC) and out of character (OOC), unless specified.

General rules

Spamming is not allowed anywhere.

Advertising is for the advertising board only.

Cbox rules

This is a safe place. There zero tolerance policy that applies to bigotry of any kind. Harassment due to race, religion, political views, gender, sexual preference or any other reasoning will be dealt with severely. It also applies to the stuff you drop a link to, be thoughtful of other people.

No drama llamas in the cbox. If you have an issue with someone, PM an admin or take it elsewhere. Remember, the chat box is for fun not fits!

We are a site that is very active with lots of tags per day! Because of that we have a tag box to keep the cbox from being overflowed with 'tags'. If you want to let someone know you replied to a thread, please post in the tag box.

Everyone's characters love to chatter! Commenting "in character" in the c-box from time to time is fine but keep in mind when it turns into a conversation between characters it should be moved to the ICC, PM, a thread, etc.

Please keep plotting to PMs or plotter pages. The cbox is for conversations that everyone can participate in!

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions please PM a mod or admin. The cbox is for chatting, not for problem solving. Thanks!


We are a game as rated by

Sex, violence and explicit language are all allowed in the in-character areas of the board.

If detailed sexual scenes or graphic violence is included in your thread please mark the thread [M] for mature in the title to let people know before they read the thread.

If the admins feel your thread requires a [M] tag and doesn't have one the title will be edited to include the tag.

The decisions of the admins are not up for debate.

Registering / Application

Please register with your character's first and last name. Please use proper capitalization and refrain from using full names or titles. (ie. John Doe. Not Dr. Doe, j.e. doe, or John Alexander Doe, etc.) We do not accept OOC names for registering.

After registering you have 3 days to post your application or your registration will be deleted.

Please read the application fully. Be realistic. This is a human rpg, we don't allow any super powers, creatures or paranormal activity of any kind.

We only require one writing sample. Submit it with your first character app and we will keep it for you.

Applications need to be completed within 7 days of it's original posting. If they are not, the application will be deleted and you will be PM'ed to be warned that your character is in danger of being deleted.

If you are wanting to register a Ranch Staff position please make sure that you have read the Ranch Staff rules and the Ranch wanted ad first. If what you are wanting is not seen in the Ranch wanted, please make sure you PM an Admin with your idea first before writing up the character.

If you would like to register as a resident please be aware of the reasons your character has ended up at the ranch. The ranch may be used as an alternative to community service or as a probationary housing area assigned by a court of law. That is the only instance (other than through the direction of a legal guardian) that a resident would end up at the ranch by any means other than of their own free will.


We do use play-by's here. Please pick a play-by that is a celebrity/model/famous, meaning not a private individual. If you have a question about if your chosen PB is okay, just shoot Namie or Kiy a quick message and we will get back to you asap! In most circumstances as long as you didn't pull the picture off of some random face book you should be okay.

When using a picture of your playby, please make sure the picture is no more then 5 years younger or older then the age of your character. It's weird to see someone that is suppose to be 50 that looks only 30.

Size limits. Avatars can be no larger than 200x300. Signatures no larger than 500x300.

No gifs as avatars, signatures, or in applications please.

Gifs are to be gifs of your character, not flowers, creatures, or any other objects.


We ask that you have at least one in-character post in a month long period in order to be classified as 'active'. If a month goes by and there isn't a post from any of your characters, your characters will be moved to an inactive member group. None of your threads or app will be deleted, everything will be there if you decide to come back but you will have to do your claims again and there is a chance of losing a face claim.

The exception to this rule is if you have an 'away' notice up! Everyone gets busy sometimes, a simple little 'hey guys, replies may be slow' is more than sufficient and is greatly appreciated!

Once your characters go on inactive, they will remain so unless you ask to reinstate them. Your characters can be reinstated a total of three times.


There are no word counts on this site. Just be courteous and try to give your playing partner something to play off of in your reply.

We play in third person.

Most web browser have a built in spell check that will provide little red squiggly lines to let you know if you have a misspelled word. Please use this tool as much as possible to make your posts easier to read and more enjoyable to reply to! If you don't have a built in spell checker, you can use this site which is also a handy grammar checker!

Keep other players in mind when posting. It's alright to specify your rp partner in your taglines, but try to remember there are other players here and keep an open mind.

No godmoding. We do not allow other players to severely injure, kill or alter another character's plot line without consultation with the player. You want to slap someone? Go ahead. Cut the brake lines on their car and cause a possibly fatal accident? Ask the player first.

IC Chat

ICC at WoH is canon but fluid. What that means is that what happens there is part of the characters plot on the board but time can be manipulated a bit. Something that happens in the ICC can occur before or after something that happens in a thread. Just use your own discretion!

Multiple Accounts

We have a subaccount system here. All your characters need to follow the rules, so try not to take on more than you can handle by way of character load.

Here's how to make a subaccount:

  1. Make sure you have your main account created.
  2. Create your secondary account (or third-adary, or fourth-adary, whatever).
  3. Log back into your main account.
  4. Look beneath the header image on the right hand side. Click on "My Controls"
  5. In the left side bar, scroll down to Personal Profile and then click on "Edit Sub-accounts"
  6. At the bottom of the center area where it says "Account Name" type in the name of the account that you want to link and then enter the password.
  7. Hit "Link this account".
  8. Done! In the upper left hand beneath the header image, you will see "Switch account" by clicking on that you can easily switch back and forth between characters.
Mini Profiles

We have those snazzy things! All you have to do after acceptance is click on "my controls" scroll down to "personal profile" and then click on "Edit profile info". If you are a new member, the only thing you have to do is scroll all the way down and fill in your link to your plotter if you have one! Your member group and app link should already be there. If not, please fill in only the information that is asked for!


This site deals with many disadvantaged/abused/lost/hurt/bullied characters. Due to this, there is some content that could be considered triggers for some people. Please proceed with caution if you feel that certain subject matter could be disturbing to you.

Viewer discretion is advised!

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